Integration with text editors

Most text editors support syntax checking and highlighting, to visually report syntax errors and warnings to the user. yamllint can be used to syntax-check YAML source, but a bit of configuration is required depending on your favorite text editor.


Assuming that the syntastic plugin is installed, add to your .vimrc:

let g:syntastic_yaml_checkers = ['yamllint']


Assuming that the neomake plugin is installed, add to your .config/nvim/init.vim:

if executable('yamllint')
  let g:neomake_yaml_yamllint_maker = {
    \ 'args': ['-f', 'parsable'],
    \ 'errorformat': '%E%f:%l:%c: [error] %m,%W%f:%l:%c: [warning] %m' }
  let g:neomake_yaml_enabled_makers = ['yamllint']

Other text editors

Help wanted!

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